General Installation and troubleshooting tips on Windows OS

QuDi USB drives are tested to be compatible with Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP. Here are installation and troubleshooting tips if you're having trouble making your QuDi USB drives work.


  • On Windows XP and 2000, the USB drive is plug-and-play. There is no driver required at all. Upon insertion of the USB cable into you PC, you should see a "bubble" alert message on the right bottom corner of the screen as the XP self-installs and configures the drivers. This may take a few minutes. (On Win2000, there is no bubble message, but the system is basically doing the same thing). Wait until the bubble says "The drive is now ready to use" and then open My Computer icon and you should see QuDi caddy drive listed as a volume to use.
  • Remember that the USB base is bus powered (your computer's USB port is providing the power to power the QuDi drives), and in most cases, you will not need to have power adapter plugged into the base. But if you don't hear the caddy drive spinning or if you hear slow cranking sound, it means the host power is too weak. In that case, plug in the power adapter to be safe.
  • If you mistakenly pre-installed the drivers under XP/2000, remove them first before plugging the QuDi drive. The driver included in the CD is only for Windows 98 and Me.
  • This is more technical. You can confirm that under XP/2000 that the computer is recognizing the QuDi drive by going to the Device Manager, and check under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" to see if you see "ScanLogic USB Storage Device". Also under "Hard Drive", it should show the make and size of the hard drive (IBM, Toshiba, etc.). Also under XP, on the right bottom system tray, you should see an "Safely remove hardware" icon that will also list QuDi drive in the list. If u don't see any of these indicators, then the base or the caddy drive is either broken or not powered properly.


  • For these two OS, installation of the USB driver is required before the QuDi USB drive can function. Use the driver in the directly "CD:\Windows:\USB 1.1 Driver" to install the driver. You can choose to run the installer inside or to wait until you get prompted.
  • Make sure QuDi USB drive is not yet connected at first and reboot the computer. Then plug in the QuDi USB drive into the usb port of your PC. It should then alert you that a new hardware is found and prompt you for the CD. Direct the path to "CD:\Windows\USB 1.1 Driver" directory, where the required driver is located.
  • After installation, go under "Device Manager", you should see under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" listed with "QuDi SSS-125U", and under "Hard Drive" a new drive item.

Other pointers on troubleshooting:

  • Make sure you're hearing spinning sound from the caddy drive. If not, plug in the power adapter, or try another caddy drive.
  • Make sure your USB ports of your computer are working well with other USB devices. All USB ports under Win98/Me require drivers. Make sure you have the up-to-date driver for your computer.
  • If you're hanging under Win98/Me, check under "Add/Remove Applications" control panel to remove all previous installs of the driver to start the install process again.
  • Confirm if there other 3rd party drivers in conflict with QuDi drive.

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