Why doesn't my AeroPad WUA-400/700 running OS9.1.x show in my TCP/IP Connect Via menu?

Things to try are the following:

Verify you have at least OS 9.1.x and above installed on your Mac. If you already have 9.0.x this is a free update from Apple’s web site. http://apple.com

Make sure the latest AeroPad drivers are installed, you can download from here: http://www.macsense.com/support/driver_mac_b.html#Wireless%20Networking

For initial setup connect the AeroPad directly to an open USB port and not through your keyboard or a hub.

Try adding a space or Tilde “~” in front of the AeroPad Driver that is located in the Extensions folder, after that reboot the computer. The Extensions folder is located in the System folder on your Macintosh Hard drive.

The AeroPad should function on your computer, that should be all there is to it.

Unfortunately at times we have seen issues with our AeroPad driver and 3rd party USB cards. Sometimes the driver does not load properly and the AeroPad does not show up in the Connect Via menu in TCP/IP.

If the above suggestions did not help then unfortunately there is no solution to this problem at this time. Contact Tech. Support at moc.esnescam|troppus#moc.esnescam|troppus for any further questions.

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