Basic Troubleshooting Tips for HomePad

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Basic Troubleshooting Tips for HomePad

Your HomePod is designed and built to provide you with trouble-free performance. If it does not appear to be functioning correctly, please follow these troubleshooting steps.

General troubleshooting guidelines:

1. Make sure all connectors (such as Ethernet cable, Mini-Din cable, RCA stereo cable, or Digital SPDIF cable) are properly connected to the HomePad.

2. Make sure the power adaptor is firmly connected.

3. Try the basic setup first before attempting complex ones. Involve only one access point, one audio server, and one HomePad. Try connecting the HomePad to your network using an Ethernet cable connection before trying wireless (access point).

4. If you have wireless encryption (WEP) enabled on your wireless network (access point/base station) and the HomePad is unable to connect, disable WEP and try connection again. Confirm the HomePad is able to connect to an open network before attempting to connect to a encrypted network.

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