How to Enable WEP on the AeroPad OS9.1 driver

These instructions are only for OS 9.1 or higher, OS X has separate FAQ.

Please remove all your AeroPad drivers and go to our website, then download and install the latest drivers, it is version 1.0.8. Now connect the AeroPad to the computer and restart it. Please open the TCP/IP Control Panel, under the Connect Via menu you should see “802.11b USB Adaptor” or “AeroPad”, please select it. Now verify that the Configure menu is set to “Using DHCP Server”. After this close and save changes.

Different Networks vary on the setup of the AeroPad we recommend to setup it up the simplest way before hand.

You will need to connect to the Airport Basestation using the Airport Admin Utility. You will do this from the computer that you used to configure the AirPort Base Station with. Once the AirPort Admin Utility is open click the Configure button and enter your password for your selected AirPort Base Station. Now you will select the Base Station menu and choose WEP Equivalent key, after that a box will appear with with ether a 10 or 26 character HEX WEP key.

Now you will go into the AeroPad Settings which is in your Control Panel folder. Check and make sure you have the right Network Name or ESSID typed in. Next click on the Encryption tab and select either 64 or 128 bit encryption, 64-bit is a 10 character HEX key, 128-bit is a 26 character HEX key. After doing that you will click the Apply button.

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