Wireless range issues with my wireless router, what can I try?

Products affected: WSR-5000, WSR-6000

Low or poor signal is mainly caused by four major factors:

  • Distance
  • Obstructions
  • Interferences
  • Transmit Rate on the Access Point and/or the Wireless Adapter Not Set to Auto

Wireless Range Issues

There will be a constant trade-off between your LAN's range and throughput. The WSR-5000/WSR-6000 will auto sense the signal strength and lower your transmission Data Rate if your signal strength gets weak or interfered with. The Data Rate will be 11Mbps to 5.5 Mbps to 2Mbps or even down to 1Mbps. Although 1Mbps may sound slow this should still not be a problem.

Tips below to get the best performance for the WSR-5000/WSR-6000

  • Place the WSR-5000/WSR-6000 as close to the center of the area in which you want to access wireless capability.
  • Place the WSR-5000/WSR-6000'santenna vertically, or direction of wireless connection.
  • Keep the antenna away from any large metal objects such as a filing cabinet, refrigerator and away from any operating microwave ovens or 2.4GHz cordless phones. Also, watch for large containers of water such as a fish tank or water heater.
  • If your having issues getting a strong signal with your wireless device (laptop) try moving the wireless cards antenna pointed towards the router.
  • Try to keep the antenna placement away from a outside wall (or unless this is what you want). Also, if your planning to go outside we recommend to place the router near a window.

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