Can I get Mac’s OS9.x Internet File Sharing to work through my WSR-6000?

If you are using the WSR-6000, and have a Mac on your Network that is running OS9.x, you can allow people who are using other Macs over the Internet, to access files on your hard drive. The procedure is very simple:

1.Access your Mac's TCP/IP control panel and set your configuration to manual. Give yourself an IP Address of (for example) with a Subnet Mask of and Router Address Don't forget to enter your ISP's Name Server Addresses in the field at the bottom of the window (the correct DNS numbers can be found in the routers System Status page after you have been on-line through the router or if you have a static IP address).

2.Use your web browser to access the router's configuration page and click on the link for Virtual Server. In the Virtual Server, open port 548 to the Internal IP Address of the Mac running OS9.x.

3.People on the Internet will now be able to access your files by entering your public IP Address in their Chooser.

Please note that one computer at a time will be able to be accessed in this fashion. Should you wish to change computers on which files are shared over the Internet, you will need to change the Virtual Server settings to reflect the IP Address of the second computer.

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