Configuring the WPE-600 AeroCard to work with AirPort Base Station with WEP enabled.

Note: Instructions may vary slightly depending upon version of Admin. Utility.

The following instructions are for users that have access to the Airport Base Station. If you are trying to connect in a corporate environment, you will probably need to obtain a valid HEX Key from the Network Administrator.

OS 9.x/10.1.x/10.2
Open the Airport Admin. Utility:
Connect using the Airport WLAN card.
Directly connect your computer to the Airport Base Station via Ethernet.
Once the utility scans for base stations, double-click the one for which you want to connect. This will open the utility.
Under the Base Station menu, select “Equivalent Network Password”. The HEX key will be displayed in this box. If you are not running the latest Admin. Utility version you will probably need to click the Password lock icon to obtain the HEX key.
Take the HEX key (i.e. “6c32ad84”) and enter it into the Key field on the Setup tab in the AeroCard control panel.

Your card should now authenticate with the Apple AirPort Base Station.

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