Configuring the AeroCard OS 9.x driver to connect to an AirPort Base Station.

How to configure the AeroCard OS 9.x driver to connect to an AirPort Base Station that is using ether 64 or 128 bit WEP Encryption?

You will need to connect to the Airport using the Airport Admin Utility. You will do this from the computer that you used to configure the AirPort Base Station with. You can use a wireless or a wired computer that is on the network. Once the AirPort Admin Utility is open you will click the Configure button and enter your password for your selected AirPort Base Station. Now you will select the Base Station menu and choose WEP Equivalent key, after that a box will appear with the HEX WEP key.

Open the AeroCard Settings control panel and then click on the Encryption tab. You will then check the Enable Encryption box, after you do that you will type the HEX key in, you will enter it in Key 1. Next check your TCP/IP settings to make sure it is set to Connect Via: AeroCard and Configure Using DHCP. If for some reason you still can not connect using DHCP we recommend assigning TCP/IP a Manual IP Address (check article #49621). After doing this you should be online.

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