My QuDi does not remount on my desktop. What can I try?

Here are some simple things to try.

  1. Check and make sure the cable is properly connected to the computer. By default the QuDi should auto mount on the Mac desktop. Also, check to be sure you have the latest FireWire drivers installed on your computer.
  2. There are two variations of CD. The first CD, QuDi 125UF CD in here there is a Mac Utility double click this icon, then run the HDD Installer, please continue. After the Newmotion Drive 1.0.3 has been installed "restart" the computer. Once the computer boots up go to your Control Panels to Newmotion Drives 1.0.3, once in the FireWire Drive Configuration box turn "on" Mount and Unmount button. This should allow you to successfully mount and remount the drive. There are other options here to Protect or Format the hard drive.
  3. The other CD, MacSmartStor CD has a folder called Smarty Tools, double click and run the SmartTool installer and continue after the installation was successful restart the computer. Once the computer boots up go to your Control Panels to Smart Tool in here you can turn "on" the Mount and Unmount function. You can also format the hard drive.
  4. If this does not work, try reinstalling the tools. You can acces the computers hard drive in here go to System Folder then to Control Panels to either Smart Tools or Newmotion Drive 1.0.3 move it to the trash and empty.

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