Why isn't my E-430 LCPDS or E-440 NuBus card working?

Affected products: E-430/440

1.) Check the jumper setting of the Ethernet adapter to make sure it is configured properly. The jumper for the NuBus adapter is located at the top right-hand corner and is set to Ethernet by default. Follow the instructions in the included pamphlet to set it for BNC if it's the combo card.

2.) Make sure that you have the network software for the OS installed properly. The NuBus adapter uses the Apple's native ethernet drivers that are installed with the OS.

3.) Please try a different straight-through cable from your computer to your hub. Try a different crossover cable if you are connecting directly to another computer.

4.) Verify the card is properly seated and try reseating the card into a different LC PDS or NuBus slot if one is available, preferably closest to the CPU.

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