What is the purpose of Network Address Translation (NAT) or DNS address?

Network Address Translation (NAT)

NAT handles the conversion of the Public WAN IP to 253 Private LAN IPs as well as showing only the Public IP on the Internet, keeping the Private IP hidden. This helps ensure security since each outgoing or incoming request must go through a translation process that also offers the opportunity to qualify or authenticate the request or match it to a previous request. NAT also acts as the firewall in the XRouter, thus allowing for a layer of security between you and the Internet.

DNS Addresses

Domain Names (i.e.: www.yahoo.com) were created because it would be too difficult for us to remember the IP Address for every website. It's easier to remember Yahoo.com instead of Before connecting the user to the website, a DNS server will do the translation to the IP and then serve up the request, such as a web page. This accounts for the different lag times when requesting sites on the Net.

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