Do Macsense routers support QuickTime Streaming?

Yes. QuickTime 4 and later versions have been tested to work with Macsense routers. If experiencing any issues, update to the latest firmware available for the router which can be found on our website. Updating your QuickTime software is advisable as well.

Recommendations for Firewall Administrators

QuickTime follows the conventions of the RTP and RTSP Internet standards to stream media over the web. To enable QuickTime 4 to work properly inside your firewall, please follow the following IETF recommendation:

  • Open port 554 for RTSP/TCP data.
  • Open ports 6970 through 6999 (inclusive) for RTP/UDP data.

For more information on the RTP and RTSP internet standards:

QuickTime 6

QuickTime Streaming Server 4 and Darwin Streaming Server 4 use the following TCP ports:

80: HTTP
554: RTSP
6970-6971: reserved for UDP clients
6972-9999: used for dynamic (announced) UDP broadcasts
7070: RTSP
8000, 8001: MP3 streaming
10,000-20,000: buffer space
20,000-65,535: static SDP default range (user defined)

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