How do I update the Macsense router firmware using Mac OS X?

Affected products: MIH120, MIH130, MIH130B, MIH130A and WSR-5000

There is a tool you can use. However, you’ll need to go the link below and follow the instructions for initial setup and use.

1. You need to have OS X 10.1 and later.

2. Go to the above link/website.

3. Go to Downloads tab.

4. In this page that has Software Products for Downloads, you’ll see MacTFTP Client 1.1.1 (shareware)

5. Now you can choose Mac Carbon Download (720): US 1 or US 2. Choose either site for download the Mac TFTP client for updating the firmware in the router.

6. Once you choose the choice above and the mactftp client downloads to your computer there should be a “mactftp-client-111-cbn.sit” on your desktop. This should automatically unstuff and make a “MacTFTP Client (Cbn) on your desktop now. This is the tool that you’ll need to update the firmware in the router.

7. Next is to be sure you already have the firmware located somewhere on your computer for updating the router, you need it for the next steps. If you have not, you need to go to our web site and download the firmware now. Here is the link from our web site.

8. Now open the MacTFTP Client (Cbn) updater, once open there will be a window for you to register. Wait a moment and you will be able to choose “Eventually” or “Later” go ahead and choose those two and the Reminder box will close.

9. Next is the TFTP Send box tool. In the Address bar you need to type in the default IP Address of the router “” (Notice: all routers must be set to the default IP Address of “” before you can update any router).

10. In the Password field of the TFTP Client type in the default Password of the router “admin” all lower case. (Notice: before updating any router it needs to be set for the original password of “admin” before updating the firmware).

11. The “File” button will allow you to choose the destination or path to install the firmware. Now open File and a box will open. For example if the firmware is on your desktop then at the top of the box choose From: Desktop. The box below will appear for the desktop and choose the appropriate folder of firmware and select the .bin file. Now once the .bin File is properly selected you can Start the updater. Once done you can close out of the MacTFTP updater and the new firmware should take effect in the router.

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