HomePad is connected wirelessly via Wi-Fi but it does not see any audio servers.

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  1. Do not connect the Ethernet cable when using the wireless connection. If the Ethernet cable is connected at boot-up time, wireless connection will not be enabled.
  2. Make sure that the HomePad is getting a proper IP Address and SSID by selecting the “Settings->Network Settings” item on the main menu. The IP and SSID will only appear if the HomePod has successfully connected to a wireless network. Without them, the audio server will not be recognized.
  3. Check the access point to make sure that it is working properly. See if you have basic TCP/IP settings setup correctly, such as IP, subnet mask, gateway IP, SSID, WEP keys.
  4. Move your HomePad closer to your access point to see if range could be an issue.
  5. Check to see if your access point is set to broadcast the SSID. Enable it if it is not. The HomePod needs the access point to broadcast the SSID in order to connect to it. If your access point has WEP turned on, turned it off first to make sure HomePod can connect without WEP.
  6. Turn off HomePod. Connect the HomePod to the router by a wired Ethernet cable, and then turn on the HomePod again. When HomePad reaches the main screen, go to Network Settings and locate its IP Address. Once the IP is known (say ""), open a browser on any computer on the network and log into HomePod, e.g. type "" in the browser. Once you are at the configuration screen, go to the Wireless Settings tab and look for the SSID field.
  7. Change the SSID from the default value of “ANY” to the exact name of your access point (you can get the SSID of your access point by logging into your access point). Click Save and then disconnect the Ethernet cable and reboot HomePad. In a multi-access point environment, setting the SSID to match your access point will help HomePad connect to it much more easily.
  8. Make sure the PC/Mac that has audio server installed is on the same subnet as the HomePad. E.g. "192.168.1.xxx". Double-check and be sure the audio server is running. If it is not, start it. If it is, stop and restart it.

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