I can't connect my XRouter Aero to the Internet. What should I do?

1. Check whether your ISP requires the use of the MAC address for the router. Some ISPs register the MAC address of the NIC card so that way they can limit how many computers are on the internet.

2. There is a setting on the XRouter Aero on the One Page Setup that allows you to modify the MAC Address of the router. This is done by going to the WAN IP Address section in the One Page Setup. The MAC Address shown is the Address used by the router. Click on Modify and using a Manual Configuration, type in the MAC Address of the computer currently being used for your Internet Connection. Now click on Apply to save the settings.

3. Another way to accomplish this is to contact your provider with the correct XRouter Aero's Public IP MAC address if it is necessary. A FAQ has been provided on our website to assist in this particular step.

4. If you are using a Static IP address account provided by your ISP, verify that this information is correctly entered on the One Page Setup.

5. Check your cabling among all devices.

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