Why can't connect to my Macsense router via the web browser?

1. Verify that the IP address “” has been correctly entered in the URL field. Clear the browser cache to remove old entries if needed as you may be reaching a cached page.

2. Verify your cable connections and ensure that the network cable connection and LED lights are correct. The meanings of these lights are explained in the back of the User Manual. If you are getting a 169.x.x.x IP then most likely it’s a cable problem. Swap the cable for a known good cable.

3. Ensure your TCP/IP settings are showing correct values. Under Windows, check these settings in the Network Control Panel. For the Mac, these settings are located in the TCP/IP Control Panel. The IP Address should be in the range of to The Subnet Mask will be and the Router Address (Mac) or Gateway Address (PC) is

4. Try a second browser, preferably Netscape or Internet Explorer.

5. Reset the router by holding the reset button until the Ready/Test LED goes off and then try again.

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