HomePod is connected via Ethernet cable to the network and it does not see any of audio servers, what can I try?

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Make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected before turning on the HomePad. If the Ethernet cable is not connected before the HomePad is turned on then the wireless connection will be enabled instead.

Look to see if the green light that is next to the HomePad’s Ethernet port is lit. The green light indicates that the HomePad is pysically connected to your network and that the ethernet cable is good.

Find out if the HomePad is getting a proper IP Address by selecting the “Settings->Network Settings” item on the main menu. The IP will only appear if the HomePad has successfully connected to your network. If the HomePad does not display an IP Address , the audio server will not be recognized.

Make sure the PC/Mac that has audio server installed is on the same subnet as the HomePod. E.g. 192.168.1.xxx.

Make sure the audio server is running. If it is not, start it. If it is, stop and restart it.

Make sure that your network has a DHCP server available. Check other computers to make sure that they are online and the network is functioning properly.

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