I have a PPPoE account but my special software won't allow for an Internet connection.

Some ISPs implement PPPoE to control their limited IP pool by turning an always on connection into a dial-up connection. The software you used before you purchased the XRouter, such as MacPoET, WinPoET or EnterNet 100/300, is implemented into the XRouter Aero/XRouter/PalmRouter. You will no longer use their software, but instead configure your TCP/IP according to our manual and input your ISP username and password in the PPPoE section inside the XRouter Aero/XRouter/PalmRouter.

We advise turning off the Enternet extensions in the Extension Manager and for MacPoet and WinPoet, remove the extensions or protocol altogether to prevent conflicts.

To disable Enternet 100/300:
Enternet 100/300 can just be disabled as they should cause no further problems with connecting through our router line. The extensions to disable are: Enternet, Enternet Extension, and NTS Logging.

To disable MacPoet:
MacPoet has two extensions, MacPoet Init and MacPoet Module, that must be removed from the Extension folder inside the System Folder located on your harddrive. You can manually remove them by opening the Extension folder but we suggest opening your Finder and searching for "Macpoet". This should bring up both extensions. Remove these to your MacPoet folder. It's advised not to delete these files as you may need these files in the future.

To disable WinPoet:
To remove WinPoet on a PC, just right-click on your Network Neighborhood and click on Properties. Choose the WinPoet adapter and delete it.

If you still cannot connect after trying the above then you should remove the files corresponding to the proprietary PPPoE software. Sometimes if you disable it they will still cause a potiential conflict with the router.

We also suggest that you do not have any firewall software installed or active on your computer, such as DoorStop, Zone Alarm or anything else, the XRouter already has a firewall built into the unit.

These instructions apply to every computer that is connected to the XRouter.

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