I setup PPPoE in my Macsense router but I still can not connect, what can I try?

If after configuring PPPoE you are still having difficulties connecting to your ISP then try the suggestions below.

1. The username login is incorrect. Examples below would be using:

username: user
password: password

When the correct login is:

username: ten.psi|resu#ten.psi|resu (e.g. ten.ocitapmyslleb|resu#ten.ocitapmyslleb|resu, ELN/ten.knilhtrae|resu#ten.knilhtrae|resu or ten.labolgcbs|resu#ten.labolgcbs|resu)
password: password

In some cases, the suffix is not required, but for some other ISP’s it is. Double-check and be sure to enter the correct login information.

2. Check the router and/or modem it may need to be reset. Try resetting the modem first, by unplugging it or switching it off for about 30 seconds, then powering it back on. Wait until the DSL link becomes solid before attempting to connect through the router's One Page Setup “” page. If this fails, unplug the router for 15 to 30 seconds, and then power on again. After the "red ready test led" light has gone out, try reconnecting from the routers PPPoE page. If the connection is still not working, try powering off both the modem and the router, then plugging in the modem first. Wait until the DSL link is established before powering on the router. Next, power on the router and then the computer. Wait for the router's "red ready test led" light to go out before reconnecting to your Internet Service Provider through the router's One Page setup.

3. The DSL line may be down. This can be verified by plugging the modem directly into the computer, bypassing the router. If this fails, call your Internet Service Provider to verify whether there is an outage in your area.

If the above does not work, email tech. support

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