Where to download and how to use the TFTP updater for Mac OS 10?

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These instructions are on how to use the MacTFTP software. Follow the directions that are posted below to get the HomePod ready for the update.

1.) Download the MacTFTP Client from here: http://homepage.mac.com/lisacmt/.Public/mactftp_client_12.zip

2.) Open the MacTFTP Client that you had just downloaded. After it opens a dialog box will appear, wait a few seconds and the button will become clickable, it will ether display “Eventually “or “Not Yet”, please click the button.

3.) After that you will see a box that says "TFTP Send:No file selected" at the top of it.

4.) There are two buttons at the top, you will click the SEND button. In the Address filed you will type in the IP Address of The Password field will be left blank. Then for the FILE you will then drag the HG files to this space. After that the file name will be displayed there, now click start.

5.) You can again follow the rest of the instructions as they are written to continue to update your HomePod.

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