HomePad has no sound or bad sound quality.

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1.) No sound comming out of the HomePad

A.) Check the volume control on the HomePad and make sure that the volume is turned up.
B.) Make sure the mute button on the remote control unit is not activated. Press the mute button again to deactivate Mute.

2) Audio sound is distorted when played on the internal HomePad speakers or when output to external speakers.

A.) Confirm if the same song sounds any better when played on the computer. Perhaps the song was just encoded
badly from the source.
B.) Use the RCA outputs and see if there is any difference in sound.
C.) Check the volume control on the HomePod and make sure that the volume is not turned all the way up. When outputting to external speakers, set the volume on the HomePod to about one third only and let the amplifier of the external speakers/receivers do the amplification.

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