Why doesn't my HomePod play music that I purchased from the iTunes Music Store?

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The HomePad does not support songs in AAC format.

Songs purchased from iTunes Music Store (iTMS) are protected in a special AAC-DRM format and are not playable on HomePod. Apple does not allow third party products aside from iPod and iTunes to decode and play these songs. Unless Apple changes this policy, AAC-DRM playback on non-Apple players, including the HomePad will never be legally possible.

Apple protects AAC music purchased from Apple Music Store, because without the stringent protection scheme, Apple could not appease the music labels to let Apple Music Store sell their music. So Apple will vigorously protect this interest, and as a result, only iTunes and iPods can play protected AAC music. Apple has no intention to license the decoder to allow third parties to compete with iTunes/iPods. It is not a limitation of HomePad as all MP3 Players have this same limitation.

What you can do though, is to burn your iTunes Store purchased music to AudioCD and then encode them to MP3 again. Then the protection will be removed and you can then listen to them on players such as the HomePad. We understand it is not the best solution, but for now it looks like it is the most realistic one.

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