Known AeroPad Mini Wizard issues

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Known AeroPad Mini Wizard issues:

  1. When you log into your AeroPad Mini you have the ability to configure it using the built-in Wizard that you can access by clicking on the Wizard link at the top. The built-in Wizard is great however there is a known issue that will prevent the AeroPad Mini from connecting to your network if this issue is not addressed.
  2. When using the AeroPad Mini Wizard you have to type in your SSID/Network name, there is a known issue with how the AeroPad Mini Wizard populates the SSID field with what you typed.
  3. The AeroPad Mini populates the SSID field with what you entered, however the SSID/Network name will be centered in the middle of the SSID box. With the SSID name centered this is like adding multiple spaces before the SSID, a space translates into an extra character. At this point the SSID field is different and the AeroPad Mini is looking for an SSID/Network name with multiple spaces in front of it, therefore the AeroPad Mini will never see or connect to your wireless network.
  4. The fix for this is to change your TCP/IP values back so you can setup the AeroPad Mini just like the AeroPad’s Mini quick start guide explains. After this you will log into the AeroPad Mini and click on the Basic Setting link at the top. When the page loads you will see the SSID field, you will delete the SSID name that is there and you will type your SSID/Network name. After that you will scroll down to the bottom and click the Apply button. Now the AeroPad Mini will restart. At this point you can switch your TCP/IP back to DHCP and after the AeroPad Mini restarts you should be online.

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