Can the PP-08 be charged using a USB wall charger?

The PP-08 can be charged by either using the supplied cable and connect to the USB port on your computer or by connecting to a USB wall charger. The PP-08 will charge with any USB wall adaptor that is of 5V/1A rating. The newer iPod/iPhone USB wall adapters are 5V/1A. The PP-08 has 3 green LED's that light up when it is fully charged. In addition, the PP-08 has a protection circuit that will stop it from charging once it has reached the maxium capacity.

Here are some examples of the USB wall chargers that can be used to charge the PP-08:

1. Macsense USB PA-i2 Power Adapter,

2. Apple USB Power Adapter,

3. Belkin USB Power Adapter,

4. Griffin USB Power Adapter,

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