General FAQ's for the Cooling Bar (CB-200)

Q: How do I use the groove on the Cooling Bar?
A: The cable managment groove is to hold your MagSafe connector in place when you’re not charging your computer (the cooling bar supports up to 15” MacBook Pro)

Q: Is it compatible with 17” MBP (unibody)?
A: It is designed for 13” and 15” MacBook and MacBook Pro. 17” MBP users may not be able to use the feature of cable holder.

Q: Does it fit my PC laptop?
A: It fits most MacBook, MacBook Pro, or PC laptop with sizes up to 15”.

Q: Will the aluminum part scratch my laptop?
A: No, there are rubber rings on the Cooling Bar to prevent metal-on-metal scratching.

Q: Will it scratch my desk?
A: No, it has rubber feet (non-slip rubber pad) to prevent scratching.

Q: Will the Cooling Bar roll around on my desk?
A: No, there is flat rubber padding on the bottom to keep it from rolling around on a desk.

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