PS-Mi does not charge iPod when docked

PS-Mi is “Made for iPod” certified and can sync/charge all iPods, iPod Touch, and iPhones.

The PS-Mi has no issues charging iPods that were made to work with USB and FireWire. All iPods released before September 2007 work with USB and FireWire.

All iPod models released after September 2007,

  • iPod Nano (4th generation),
  • iPod Classic,
  • iPod Touch (1st/2nd generations),
  • iPhones and iPhones 3G
  • (For a list of all the iPod models ever released by Apple can be found here, Apple Technote HT1353.)

Apple removed the ability to charge devices by FireWire so they now only charge with USB 1.1/2.0. The PS-Mi uses the FireWire pins when it charges the iPod/iPhone/iPod touch, and that’s why these new models do not seem to charge when placed on the PS-Mi dock.

There is a way to charge these new models while it is docked on the PS-Mi. Connect the PS-Mi to an iPod/iPhone power adapter such as Macsense PA-i2 or Apple USB Power Adpater, using the supplied USB cable, or to a USB port on the computer.

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