Installing the HomePad Audio Server software on OS 10.5.x

1.) Install the HomePod software from the included cd.

2.) After the HomePod software finishes installing click Close. Once the installer has closed restart the computer.

3.) Once the computer restarts a dialog box will be displayed it will look like the one below. The Mac OS tries to warn the user of certain programs that are installed, however this does not mean that the program is dangerous or will cause an issue.


In order to have the HomePad software work correctly click the Fix Button on both dialog boxes.

4.) After clicking "Fix" another dialog box like the one below will appear asking you to restart.


5.) After the computer comes back up open the HomePod Audio Server and configure it by ether using your iTunes XML file or specifying a folder where MP3 files are stored.

6.) Finally click the “Start” button. After the "Start" button is clicked a dialog box will come up asking for the administrator username and password. After those have been entered then click "OK".


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