General FAQ's for the Macsense Geomet'r GPS Receiver (GNC-35)

Q. I see Nikonians is offering a similar unit (same chip, anyway) with a remote attachment but for quite a bit more. Any plans to offer a unit with remote?

A. We have been aware of the DP-GPS N2 unit since the beginning. The DP-GPS N2 was developed independently from GNC-35. We believe our adapter offers several advantages:

  • Our adapter has been shipping since May.
  • Our adapter uses the camera battery for operation and offers an on/off switch to conserve power when the adapter is not in use. This saves the photographer from having to haul ANOTHER power adapter and then REMEMBER to charge the adapter’s internal battery separately from the camera’s battery.
  • The design of GNC-35 is to make it very simple and plug-and-shoot, so we tried to minimize any LEDs, switches, or remote control. With the myriad of controls that Nikon DSLR equips, it is best that the GPS adapter just works without any configuration from the user.

Q. If I don't (or forget, more likely) turn off the GNC-35, does it continue to use the battery on my camera? I left it running with the camera off for about 5 mins, and it didn't appear to auto shut off. Will it drain the battery on my camera in a short amount of time, or is it just using a slight amount of battery power to continue to track/look for satellites?
A. GNC-35 does not auto-shutoff. It needs to be turned off independently from the camera. It will drain the camera battery if it is left turned on.

Q. Do I have to use the included Geomet'r utility software in order to view my geotagged photos?
A. No, you do not need to use the included software. The utility software is simple and included for completeness. The utility software is not required, actually, if you already use other photo management software like Flickr, Picassa, Photoshop Elements, iPhoto, Aperture, etc. Note that when the utility software is first opened, no default open window will be visible. You need to select a directory of your geotagged photos to open, then the main windows will appear.

Q. Does the orientation of the adapter itself matter? Can you, for example, attach it to your camera strap?
A. The orientation of the adapter does not matter. The unit can be put horizontally on hot shoe or attached to a shoulder strap vertically.

Q. Where is the antenna?
A. The unit uses a chip antenna that is very susceptible to receiving signals, so there are no hanging wires or specific orientation required.

Q: Does the adapter work with the Nikon D300 when shooting RAW files?
A: Yes it does. GNC-35 goetags photos in RAW file format.

Q: Does the GNC-35 automatically turn on and off with my camera?
A: No, the GNC-35 needs to be turned on/off separately from the camera.

Q: Does GNC-35 auto-shutoff after a certain idling time?
A: No.

Q: When GNC-35 is on or off, is there any indication on the adapter?
A: When adapter is on, the red LED will flash or stay solid; when the GNC-35 is off the red LED will be off.

Q: What is the purpose of the internal battery inside GNC-35?
A: The internal battery is to keep the memory of the last coordinate and to keep the internal clock working. Technically, it's for hot-starting the GPS, so it re-connects to the satellites quickly.

Q: Does the internal battery inside the GNC-35 get charged when it is connected to the camera body?
A: Yes, the internal battery gets charged when it is connected to the camera body. The internal battery has little capacity and can last only 4 days w/o charging. When it is fully charged, it will stop charging.

Q: What does the red LED mean when it is flashing or solid?
A: When GNC-35 is connected to a satellite, the LED stays red; when the GNC-35 has lost the satellite signal has not yet connected, the red LED will blink red; when GNC-35 is turned off, the LED goes dark. So in summary,

LED Activity Meaning
LED blinking GNC-35 has no connection with the satellites
LED on solid connection with satellites
LED off adapter is off

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