My FE-551 Fast Ethernet Card is not working on my Mac, what can I do?

Instructions for OS 8.x/9.x:

Verify that you are using the correct version of the FE-551 driver for your operating system. Drivers can be found on our web site at:

Please check the Apple System Profiler and select the Devices and Volumes tab. Make sure that the card is being detected. The card should show under PCI and should say Ethernet card. If more information is provided you should see: card name= PCI10ec, 8139.

If the card is not shown in your Apple System Profiler, move the card to a different PCI slot preferably closest to the CPU. After verifying the card is recognized by your operating system, go into the Extensions Manager and disable the Apple Enet extension. Then restart your computer.

If this does not work, go into the Hard Drive>System Folder>Extensions Folder and find the FE-551 extension. Put a space in front of the F, this will change the load order of the card extension and make it load first. Close the windows and restart.

If this still fails, go into the Extensions Manager and change the Extension Set to Mac OS 9.1 All. Then uncheck the Apple Enet driver, and check the FE-551 driver, make a new extension set and restart.

If the FE-551 extension is not working with your G3 or G4 with OS 9.0-9.2, please download and try the driver from the card manufacturer, Realtek. It is not a driver we can support since it is not our driver but it will likely fix your issue.

You will find the Mac driver under "Others"

After you download the driver you will remove our FE-551 extension.

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