● Plays MP3, and Internet radio.

● Wirelessly streams music to home speakers or headphone.

● Connects to existing wired or wireless Ethernet network.

● Compatible with Apple iTunes, MusicMatch Jukebox, Nullsoft WinAmp, and many other media Management applications.

● Integrates LCD display for navigating music collection by source, song title, artist, album, genre, and playlist.

● Supports Unicode for display of song information in multiple languages.

● Features always-on, low-power mode.

● Includes built-in stereo speakers and headphone jack for stand-alone operation.

● Features compact design for placement anywhere in the house.

● Contains no moving parts (no hard drive or CD-ROM drive) for ultra-quiet and reliable operation.

● Includes infrared remote control and browser-based configuration.

● Supports multiple HomePad use for independent and simultaneous streaming.

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